SYNDICATE 2019 GAME Ascenders

Lead by the extremely charismatic Idmon, the Brothers & Sisters of the Ascension of the Second Sun (aka “Ascenders”) is a fringe religious movement that’s rapidly growing in outskirts of Arcturus, especially amongst the poor and downtrodden. Ascenders believe the Arcturus system is on a collision course with a (hitherto scientifically-unconfirmed) large pocket of anti-matter, known as the Nyx, with which Idmon claims to have psychic connection. When Arcturus and Nyx collide, Ascenders believe so much energy will be released that all life in the system will be pulled into a parallel universe, Hypnos. In exchange for pledging body, soul and all material wealth to Idmon, followers are promised eternal wealth and power by Idmon’s side in Hypnos. Ascenders are known for having Prxi-fueled ritualistic group prayers during which followers enter a trance-like state and don’t eat, drink or sleep for days at a time. The Sovereign has long had a policy of ignoring fringe groups like the Ascenders, but now the Ascenders have started accumulating weapons and ships. As their power an influence spreads the Ascenders are increasingly becoming a headache for the Sovereign.