COnstEllatiOn COrPs.
SYNDICATE 2019 GAME Constellation Corps

After completing his service in the Sovereign military, Zaid Black used his family’s wealth to create a private military firm called Constellation Corps. He hired most of his former unit and leveraged his parents’ strong ties to the upper echelons of the Sovereign Senate to win several large contracts for outsourced security services. The Sovereign was thrilled to work with a private army that could operate in political grey areas and keep the Sovereign’s hands clean (publicly). The Sovereign continued to back Constellation for years and even equipped the firm with high tech weapons and ships. Constellation was a critical resource for the Sovereign during the blockade on Goshen and played a key role in the destruction of the planet. The Terra Rebellion made Zaid rich and influential amongst the Sovereign, but in the years that followed the Terra Rebellion, Zaid’s greed continued to grow while the inflow of contracts from the Sovereign slowed. To keep up the lifestyle he and his partners were accustomed to, Constellation started taking on work from anyone that would pay, and recently, several raids on Sovereign outputs were linked back to Constellation. The Sovereign has officially cut ties to Constellation and now considers Zaid an enemy of the state.