SYNDICATE 2019 GAME Fidge & Co

A “legitimate” mining business run by Clark Fidge – a sharp-elbowed businessman who inherited a small niche mining operation with 10 employees and 2 hydraulic excavators and turned it into small empire in less than a decade. Fidge & Co’s success has made Clark a minor celebrity, and he is even considered a hero to the Arcturian working class as a citizen who raised from near rags to great riches. However, beneath the surface lies the truth to Fidge & Co.’s meteoric rise: corruption, extortion and murder. Early growth of the company was funded from money laundering proceeds. After a few years, competition in the mining of the gas giant Koss dried up as competing CEOs turned up dead. Rumor has it that environmental groups went quiet after Clark came across some compromising photos of the groups’ leaders. Now, Fidge & Co’s ambitions go beyond Koss, and Clark sees an opportunity to increase his reach across Arcturus.