3099: The Destruction of Goshen

For 5 years, the Terran Rebellion continued in the form of minor skirmishes planet-side and in space. With its origins in trade, corporate governance and an institutional history of banding together for survival of the colony, the Sovereign government had zero experience or military capacity for war with an enemy that, while poorly supplied, had equal and sometimes greater technological capability.

 The prolonged conflict strained the economy of the Sovereign as its trade networks were compromised. Territories dependent on trade began to seek other ways—such as black markets and secret inter-territory trades—to fill the resource shortages they faced.

Sensing it would completely lose credibility and control if the rebellion persisted any longer, the Sovereign escalated its response. It equipped its dreadnaughts with overcharged Tesla Cannons, and with a synchronized blast, shelled Goshen until it was nothing but a belt of rubble and debris. The entire planet was annihilated along with 9 billion lives. Only a lucky few, who were off world or narrowly escaped by ship past the blockade and into the Exo, survived.

The destruction of Goshen swiftly put an end to the Terran Rebellion and shifted control of the system firmly back into the hands of the Sovereign.

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