Terrans are a syndicate made up of the few – but battle hardened – survivors of the Terra Rebellion. The rebellion began six years ago after the Sovereign formed a blockade over Goshen (home of rival political faction, the Terra Coalition), which resulted in millions of Goshen citizens starving to death followed by war. After five years of intense fighting, only a few Terrans managed to escape the Sovereign’s final assault. The few survivors watched as the entire planet of Goshen and its billions of residents were obliterated by the Sovereign as warning to other dissenters. In the shadow of a once thriving Goshen is now just an asteroid belt. After billions perished the few surviving Terrans fled into the Exo with whatever equipment, weapons and family they could gather. Now, the exiled Terrans stalk the Exo with merciless vengeance, plundering trade vessels and raiding cities for sustenance.