2880: The Sovereign Accord

Beginning in the mid-2800s, Arcturus entered into a state of economic and societal maturity, at which point many Arcturians began to question its system-wide administration by a private corporation as a viable governing system.

Prolonged, strategic activism brought Kepler Corporation to the negotiating table with top business and thought leaders from across Arcturus, leading to the United Peoples of Arcturus Accord of 2880. This agreement, known as the Sovereign Accord, led to the dissolution of the Kepler Corporation and installed a democracy—known as the Sovereign United People of Arcturus (or the “Sovereign”)—to govern Arcturus in its place.

While citizens of Arcturus rejoiced at the apparent social and political progress, the formation of the Sovereign resulted in little substantive change to the control of Arcturus, as the social elites of Arcturus (principally, the heirs to the Kepler Corporation fortune) continued to wield political control over the Sovereign. In fact, the Sovereign’s capitol, Gesag City on Kepler, was where Kepler Corporation had been headquartered, with the Office of Sovereign Chancellor and the Sovereign Senate chambers occupying the old corporate campus of the Kepler Corporation.

Nevertheless, the citizens of Arcturus were satisfied. The economy continued to flourish and opportunities abounded for the ambitious and industrious to create wealth.

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